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We want to make Diversity Avatars the best collection of avatars available, bar none. In order to do this we want your help and your suggestions. It is humanly impossible, however, to include everyone's ideas whether it is because we simply don't have enough time, because the ideas cannot be easily depicted in an avatar, or because some ideas are not appropriate. Here are some guidelines for suggesting avatars for inclusion in the collection.

Please be patient. We are just two friends with an idea and we're figuring a lot of this out as we go along. We will do our best and make an honest effort to please everyone, but we are, as they say, only human. If you have a problem, just ping us via the on-site chat, Twitter @sketchandbuild, or email scott at atomiclotus dot net.

We cannot promise that we will include your suggestions, but we will do our best. We have to take several factors into consideration including complexity, how easy it is to generalize a concept, and how broad the appeal will be. There are, however, a couple of ways you can insure that we include your suggestions.

How to Make  a Suggestion

Feel free to submit your suggestions via the Contact Page or via email at scott at atomiclotus dot net.

How to Get Your Suggestions Included

We will try to include all suggestions. The ideas below are just suggestions to insure that we do (with some limitations) include your suggestions.

  1. Anyone who buys the Pre-Order purchase option can send us a list of up to 5 avatars you'd like to see in the collection and we will include them. Some "sanity" restrictions will apply.
  2. Anyone who buys the Lifetime Access or Enterprise license can select up to 10 avatars to be included in the collection. Again, some restrictions apply.
  3. You can make a $2 donation to include the avatar of your choice. You guessed it, some restrictions apply.

Pay to make a suggestion? Are you guys NUTS?

No. Not at all. But this is what we do for a living. Look at it this way: if you hired us to create a custom set of 10 avatars, it would cost about $1,500 (3 hrs. per avatar @ $50/hr = $150 X 10 = $1,500). But if you let us create those same 10 avatars, at our own pace, and resell them to other customers, we will include them in the set for just the price of the set. That seems like a pretty good bargain, don't you think?

Some Restrictions Apply

We would love to be able to include everyone's ideas but for purely practical reasons, this isn't always possible. Allow me to explain the purpose and details of the restrictions.


From a design standpoint, not every idea works. For instance, some ideas may be overly complex or too nuanced to be able to depict. The easiest avatars to design are ones where the uniform or clothing of the person makes the meaning clear. For instance, a Police Officer, Astronaut, or Cowboy. Other ideas are much more difficult. For instance, how does one depict a "theater lighting director"? The best way to help us include your ideas is to choose ideas that have very clear indicators or symbols that communicate the meaning like those described in the previous sentence.

Appropriateness (a.k.a., Common Decency)

We believe very strongly in free speech and we do not care about other people's politics, religion, or personal beliefs. However, we draw the line at "common decency". We will not tolerate hate speech, racism, sexism, or bigotry in any form. So no depictions that demean, ridicule, insult, or paint any person, religion, sexual or gender identity, or anyone for that matter, in a negative light. We take this so seriously, that we reserve the right to ban anyone who engages in such behavior from our site.


We are limited by the amount of time in a day as well as the amount of time we can spend on each volume of 100 avatars. From a purely practical standpoint, if you suggest 5 avatars at the very beginning of a creation cycle for a volume, it is no problem to add them. But if your suggestion comes late in the cycle, when we are nearly finished with a batch of 100 avatars, it won't be possible to change course and include them. In those instances, we will add them to the top of the list for the next batch of 100 avatars. Keep in mind, however, that someone else might have already made a suggestion so their suggestion will appear before yours. We promise to communicate as clearly as we can what our progress is and which avatars have been suggested and/or planned for an upcoming batch. At the beginning of each creation cycle (about every 8 weeks), we will publish a list of the upcoming avatars with an indication which are suggested by visitors to our site.

Copyrights and Other Legalities

In some cases, we may not be able to depict an avatar for legal reasons such as copyright. Technically speaking, any fictional characters such as comic book characters, movie characters, school or company mascots are copyrighted and/or trademarked. As far as we know, most of these will fall under "Fair Use". However, if we are contacted by the legal counsel or by a copyright holder directly, we will not hesitate to remove an avatar from the collection. As creators, we 100% respect the intellectual property of others and nothing we do on this site is a deliberate attempt to steal from anyone. We wouldn't want anyone to steal our work or ideas, so we won't do it to others. We do have avatars we know to be copyrighted. We have included them because we believe them to be protected under "Fair Use" laws and our depictions are our own interpretations of the characters. Legal counsel or representatives may contact us at scott at atomiclotus dot net. We will respond immediately.

Unforeseen Limitations

We are not lawyers and, as mentioned above, we are figuring a lot of this out as we go along. There may be issues we have not thought of. Things come up. We will do our best to respond accordingly, in the best interest of our customers. We always want to do the right thing. We will communicate quickly and as transparently as we are able when we have to make a change in policy or are unable to follow through on a commitment.

If We Can't Include Your Suggestions

Sometimes we just will not be able to include a suggestion. When this happens, we will do our best to correct the situation. Since our products are digital, and not physical goods, it is impossible for them to be "returned". If you make a purchase based on making a suggestion for avatars to be included but we are unable to include them, we cannot offer a refund for Pre-Order, Lifetime, or Enterprise licenses. Donations to include a suggestion, that cannot be included, will be refunded via PayPal.

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