Diversity Avatars

Diversity Avatars
March 5, 2018 Scott Lewis

Diversity Avatars Volume 1 Splash Image

Diversity Avatars is not just another product. The product was born out of hours of conversation between friends Ramy Wafaa, a designer from Egypt, and Scott Lewis, a designer and developer from the United States. We were searching for a project to work on to “do” something about our mutual concerns about the divisiveness and animosity we saw in the world. Diversity Avatars was the result.

We believe that in an increasingly inter-connected world, avatars should accurately represent different audiences and personas.

We spent several hours on each avatar researching the nuances of individuals and cultures. We wanted to make sure to avoid clichés and our own biases. Each avatar is meticulously crafted on a 64 x 64 pixel grid and is available in SVG, PNG, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch format.

Volume 1

100 avatars depicting average people from different walks of life. The collection includes several occupations include medical professionals, teachers, military, and service industry. In addition, the collection includes male and female avatars from various culture.

Volume 2

100 avatars including famous politicians, footballers, musicians, and religious/civil rights leaders, as well as everyday folks.

  • 200 Individually-designed Avatar icons
  • Individual 128 x 128 px SVG files
  • Adobe Illustrator master files compatible back to CS6
  • IconJar Archive Included
  • Sketch file include
  • 800 more avatars coming …

Purchasing Options

Creating 1,000 avatars takes a lot of time. Rather than wait until the full collection is finished, we are releasing them in batches of 100 as they are completed. All 1,000 avatars have been sketched but not finished. We do not outsource the creation of the avatars. We draw every line ourselves.

$49 Volumes 1 & 2

You can purchase only the 200 avatars currently finished including volumes 1  and 2.

$99 Pre-purchase the full collection

You can purchase this option to receive all 10 volumes in Version 1 as they are completed. We will release a new volume of 100 avatars about every 3-4 weeks.

$499 – Lifetime License

With this option, you will receive all versions of Diversity Avatars for life. We already have version 2 planned. That is 2,000 avatars guaranteed for $499.

$1,499 – Agency License

With the Agency License, you receive unlimited use for everyone in your organization on as many projects as you like. This license is intended for corporations, design and web agencies.