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Diversity avatars collection is in the making right now but will be released very soon
We’re working on the final phase of polishing the icons and making sure they are just perfect!

Pricing tires for the collection

We care to make this pack affordable to all, this is why we divided the pricing into different tires
each according to the usage and offers different privileges.

Icons pack updates log
100 Initial avatars ver 1 – release date 1st February 2018
100 Additional avatars ver 1 – release date 15th February 2018

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Pre-order all 1,000 & Save 50%

Pay for the 200 avatars now, and we will send you each new volume of 100 avatars, up to 1,000 about ever 6-8 weeks. This is our “Basic” license, for a single user, unlimited personal or client projects. 


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Lifetime/Extended License

Purchase the Diversity Avatars collection for $399 and get every avatar set we ever make – and you won’t need to pay another penny!  This license is for a single user but does include products for resale.


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Agency License

For larger, enterprise clients, this license gives you an unlimited number of users so your whole team can use the avatars in as many projects as you like. This is a “Basic” license and does not include use on commercial products for resale.


Diversity Avatar Icons collection

1000 Filled outline icons X 1000 Flat icons x 1000 Glyph icons

File types icons

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